CV Upgrade - be yourself, be creative :)

What would you think of your CV, if you were a stranger reading it now?

What do you see in your CV that represents you: many words or some graphic elements, maybe a video CV?
We live in a dynamic world, where the way you present yourself is important. The first time that someone sees your CV may be the one time you can make an impression. A good impression!

I am an HR professional, with 14 years of experience in different companies, passionate with recruitment, communication and social media. There are many projects in the community that I'm involved in and I support: environment, sports, cultural and others. I like to help people, when I have ideas for them.

The one thing that gives me energy is communicating with people.

If you're looking for ideas for redesigning your CV, contact me.

You can see an introduction about my experience, you're welcome to add me as a connection on LinkedIn:

Keep up the good work and be inspired :)

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